Marcus Zusak’s extremely popular second novel – titled The Book Thief – has managed to stay on the New York Times’ bestseller lists for 4 years now. Hence, it’s no shock to hear that Fox 2000 is pressing ahead full-throttle with a film adaptation (which could begin production this summer).

Twilight franchise producer Karen Rosenfelt is working behind the scenes on the Book Thief movie, which Deadline says has found a director in Brian Percival: a veteran of such period TV mini-series as North & South and ShakespeaRe-Told, who recently stepped into the limelight (and snagged recognition from the Emmys and BAFTAs for his efforts) by directing several episodes during the first season of the popular Downton Abbey series.

Ugh. (via nocureforcuriosity)

(via nocureforcuriosity)

10 times out of 10 you didn't know it was a book first.

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